Oregon Barber License

Oregon Barber License

Getting an Oregon barber license allows you to start your career in this area. This beautiful art is always in demand and always needs talented specialists. Furthermore, this state is not an exception. It gives you all the opportunities to be professional in this sphere.
Hence, it will be useful for you if you would be familiar with the rules of its business.

How to get a barber license?

To obtain official permission for this beautiful craft, you should follow some steps.

Firstly, you must complete an educational program consisting of 746 hours․ And 465 of them are intended for practical training.

  • 20 hours on the rules and laws of this state
  • Additional 20 hours of career development

So, acquiring authorization takes 786 hours.

After graduation, passing a practical examination is obligatory. Its final score is authentic exactly for two years.

Application and examination

For the further process, you need to fill out and submit the following documentation:

  • An application form 
  • An official report from the educational center as evidence of your relevant training
  • A final grade of your practical test

You must pay $35 for each: the barbering written exam as well as for the laws and rules about this province.

You have to send all these to the OHLA (Health Licensing Agency). Only after obtaining the confirmation from them, you may attend testing. The minimum score is 75% and higher. If you pass both, you will receive a permit at once by paying $25 for certification.

Consequently, the whole amount of becoming a hairdresser is $95.


Here are some steps you can take to carry out a transfer. If you already hold an official consent of your activity in another state, you can easily move it to Oregon. According to the rules of reciprocity, you should:

  • Provide the testimony of your warrant that it is valid.
  • Complete the necessary application.
  • Pay examination fees for each one and give both tests mentioned above.
  • Make a $100 payment for licensure.

As a result, if you calculate, the cost of reciprocity is $170.


The renewal process is very simple. The validation of your permit lasts two years. If it is time to renew it, you need to apply as soon as it becomes invalid. In other words, it is the same month when you’ve received it.

Also, the Board will mail you about the expired credential six weeks ago. Afterward, to extend the period of activity, you have to pay a $40 fee. In addition, you may also renew it online by visiting here.


The verification can take place in this way. The regulatory authority of your current province should send verification of authorization to the Board at:

Health Licensing Office,
1430 Tandem Avenue. NE,
Suite 180,
OR 97301

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