Oregon CPA License

Oregon CPA License

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you to get your CPA license in Oregon.

Step 1. Complete Your Education

a. Find and contact the institutions in Oregon that offer accounting programs, in order to get detailed information. All the certified accountants in Oregon must meet the educational criteria of The Oregon Board of Accountancy. It includes a bachelor’s degree consisting of at least 150 semester hours of college credit and a bachelor’s degree.

b. Make sure that the program which you are planning to take is acceptable to the Oregon Board of Accountancy.

In addition, your degrees must be reviewed by a member body of the National NASBA International Evaluation Services. If you graduated from an international school. Request the assessment from the department directly.

c. Enroll in courses that can get you college credit. A bachelor’s degree and the following courses must be included in your 150-semester hours of college credit:

  • 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours, in accounting, AND
  • 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours, in accounting or related subjects, such as.

Step 2. Take The Uniform CPA Exam.

After meeting the Oregon Board of Accountancy educational standards, you may register for candidacy for the Uniform CPA Exam.

a. Download and fill out the Oregon Board of Accountancy CPA Exam Application.

  • You also need to fill out a Candidate Release Form that will allow the Oregon Board of Accountancy to pass your personal information to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. (NASBA)
  • A passport-sized photo of yourself
  • A $50 fee payable to the Oregon Board of Accountancy, choose the way that is more comfortable for you to get testing information.
  • Sign the application and notarize it.

b. Your school should provide you with an approved college transcript. This must be mailed to the Oregon Board of Accountancy.

c. After you must get a test permit. You will get it in the way that you have chosen. And right after that, you need to pay the NASBA’s exam fees.

d. When your application is approved, you will get the Notice to Schedule (NTS) the Uniform CPA Exam. You will get it by mail, fax, or email.

e. In order to make an appointment for the exam in Oregon visit the Prometric testing center website.

f. Come to the Prometric Center of your choice on the exam day assigned to take the test.

g. Your Uniform CPA Exam result note will be sent to you by your preferred method after they will be tabulated.

To find more details about the Uniform CPA Exam, click here.

Step 3. Gain The Necessary Experience

Oregon’s Board of Accountancy allows a year of full-time professional experience or 2080 hours of work with the certified CPA after completing the Uniform CPA Exam.

a. Find the institution that will help you to satisfy the experience requirements. There are several options that you can do.

  • Attestation or assurance
  • Industry, administration, related businesses
  • Other Professional standards

b. Make sure that your supervising CPA has the Board’s Instructions to Supervisor/Licensee Employer and knows how to correctly verify your experience.

c. Your verifying CPA also must complete the Certificate of Experience and send it to the Board to verify your experience. The sample document can find online, but you need to get an original one from the Board.

d. Complete an ethics test by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ home study class (AICPA). Ethics are an important part of a CPA’s job, and with all of your preparation, completing an exam like this would be second nature to you.

Step 4. Get Your Oklahoma CPA License and Permit to Practice.

So, if you’ve passed the exam and have got the work experience, then it is time to get your license to work as a CPA. Double-check to make sure that you have done everything and are completely ready. Here is the list of Oregon CPA Certificate and Permit to Practice Public Accounting requirements.

  • Have a bachelor’s degree and 150 education hours.
  • Pass the Uniform CPA Examination.
  • Complete the required work experience for a year.
  • Take the AICPA Professional Ethics class.

b. In order to be able to submit the application, you need to meet all the requirements listed above. Go to the Oregon Board of Accountancy website and download the application for Issuance of a CPA Certificate or PA License and Permit to Practice Public Accounting. With the application you also need to provide:

  • The Employment Record form contains information about your jobs for the last ten years.
  • The completed, signed, and notarized Social Security Number form.
  • An application and permit fee of $159

Interstate Reciprocal License

If you have a license from another state but want to work as a CPA in Oregon, you need to do some steps:

5. Stay Current Through Continuing Professional Education in Oregon

There are some steps that you need to do every 2 years in order to maintain your CPA license.

  • Complete the continuing professional education (CPE) for 80 hours.
  • Be sure that the ethics class you take is acceptable for the Board
  • Complete the CPE Board-approved program.
  • Take Board-approved subject matter.
  • Save all the copies of the certificate that you will get.
  • In order to renew your CPA license report your CPE hours every two years
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