Oregon HVAC License

Oregon HVAC License

If you plan on doing HVAC work in Oregon you’ll need to get a Class B license.

What types of HVAC Licenses does Oregon offer for Technicians?

As it is already mentioned, the Oregon Construction Contractors Board requires a Limited Energy Class B (LE/B) license. This is because there is no other specific certificate for these specialists.

So, there are three ways how HVAC experts can get their Limited Energy Class B (LE/B) license in Oregon.

  1. They should submit a full application. The application consists of two documents. The first one is the certificate that you have work experience for about four years. The second one will prove that you successfully completed 192 hours of educational training.
  2. The second way to get the license is to submit an application but slightly different documents. For this one, you should show proof that you worked for 4,000 hours in this field. Then you should show the certificate that you completed your education which is 288 hours and also submit the necessary documents about the special training program that you attended.
  3. The last way, how to get an HVAC license in Oregon is to show that you finished the training program. Also, attach the paper proving that you have work experience, which should be higher than 4,000 hours.

But… what about Contractors? What kind of HVAC Licenses does Oregon offer for them?

Basically, there are two main types of licenses offered for HVAC contractors- the CCB (Commercial and Residential Contractor) license and the Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor license.

  1. For getting the CCB (commercial and residential contractor) license, the professional is required to pass at least 16 hours of an educational training class. Also, they should prepare for the exam that is mandatory for receiving a CCB license. The duration of the exam is three hours. Also, the test consists of 80 multiple-choice questions.
  2. What about obtaining the Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor- HVAC/R license, you should just pay a fee that is nearly 75$. The good news is that you do not need to pass an exam. However, you are obliged to renew your license every three years.

Except for the exams required for Oregon HVAC experts, are there any other tests that are mandatory for various companies?

Sometimes, besides Oregon HVAC License, there are companies that necessitate their own exams. One of those companies is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). So basically, expect the HVAC license you should also pass their exam and get your EPA certificate.

  • The test consists of 80 questions.
  • The duration of the exam is three hours.
  • The exam has a fee, which is 120$.
  • One last important thing is that you should score higher than 70% to pass the exam.

Where can people complete the educational training hours required for receiving the Oregon HVAC License?

In Oregon, there are many educational programs suitable for everyone. The state offers not only certificate programs but also university degrees in this field.

The names of schools\ colleges that offer these programs are listed below.

  • Schools that offer special short-term programs:

Chemeketa Community College and Lane Community College of Eugene.

  • Colleges that offer degrees:

Portland Community College and Linn-Benton Community College.

Oregon HVAC License expired after one year. To prevent this from happening, you should submit another application with the same documents (that you included in your first application) and apply for renewing your license eight weeks before your Oregon HVAC License expiration date. This process is the same as for Louisiana HVAC License. Therefore, you can check our article where you can find more detailed information about this process.

How much do HVAC experts in Oregon get?

The salary of the Oregon HVAC specialists depends on where they are as an expert. The beginners receive less salary because their work experience is not high enough. But at the same time, experts at this job receive a quite high salary.

The annual salary of an HVAC technician is nearly- 50,000$. Therefore, on average, HVAC professionals in Oregon get 20$ per hour.

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