Oregon Marriage License

Oregon Marriage License

Each state has its requirements for the marriage license. Oregon is not an exception. It has its rules for marrying legally. Therefore, we provide a quick summary of the whole application process that will guide you.

Oregon marriage license application rules

Online application

Because of the Covid19, the application process has changed. Now there is the option of online application, too. Applying online saves lots of time. You get most of the paperwork completed before getting to the office.

Apply online

As stated, an applicant can complete the marriage license application form online for Multnomah county. These forms are available on each county’s website. Here is the information you need to fill in the application:

  • Full name including the middle name
  • Date of birth and birthplace
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Address
  • Both parents’ full names
  • Marital history if not marrying for the first time
  • Statistical information such as race, social security number, highest education completed, and its duration.

Make an appointment

Apart from applying, both partners must appear in the office in-person as well. It is necessary for signing the application and presenting valid documents. Yet, the office is only open by making an appointment because of limited space. So make sure to schedule an appointment.

Application in-person

Appear in the Recorder’s office

After the appointment, visit the Recorder’s office at the right time. Bring with you the following:

  • Valid picture identification issued by the government (e.g. driver’s license or passport)
  • Parental or guardian written consent form if under 18. A parent or legal guardian needs to be present too
  • Optional birth record.

Pay the license fee either during filling in the application form or while visiting the office.

As the Covid crisis continues there are rules that applicants should follow. First, they must wear a mask or face covering. Second, they should use hand sanitizer. Finally, they must follow social distancing.

Name changing

When you marry you can decide to keep your name or change it. In Oregon, the process is very easy. In the application, just write the name you want to use. If you want to do that later you have to file a name change request.

Oregon marriage license processing

Oregon Marriage License waiting period

The county clerk’s office processes the license within three days. This means that once you submit your application you should wait three days before getting the license. So take into account this 3-day waiting period before scheduling your wedding.


Let’s imagine you have scheduled your wedding before this three days period. In that case, you can waive the waiting period. It means that you can marry earlier by completing a waiver form at the time of the marriage license application. To request a waiver you must have already scheduled your ceremony. You need to make an additional payment for the waiver.

Oregon Marriage License expiration date

Marriage licenses in Oregon expire within 60 days. You cannot extend this deadline. In other words, when you obtain your license you should organize your wedding ceremony within these two months. Once you have your ceremony you need to return the license to the county clerk’s office.

Oregon Marriage License and certificate fee

To process your application you need to pay the license fee. A marriage license costs $60.00 in the state of Oregon. In most counties, you can pay by cash, debit or credit card, money order, or in many cases also a check. Certificate fee varies from county to county. For instance, in Clackamas County, it costs $15 while in Washington County, it costs $7.75. Those payments aren’t refundable.


Age requirements

There is an age restriction in obtaining a marriage license. Persons under 17 cannot marry legally. It means they can’t get a marriage license. Applicants who are 17 can marry if they present a parental or legal guardian consent form. It must be notarized.

The legal age for Oregon citizens is 18 as it is in most of the US states.


The county clerk’s office requires no blood tests or medical examinations. However, first cousins or closer relatives are not allowed to marry.


If you are not married now, you are eligible for a marriage license. On the other hand, if you have been married before you need to provide the precise date of your final divorce decree at the time of application. A marriage license can be issued a day after your divorce date.

Marriage conditions


For the wedding ceremony, couples need to choose two witnesses. They must be 18 or older. The minister cannot be a witness, too. At the end of the wedding, witnesses should put down their names on the marriage license. That will prove they have been present during the ceremony. Also, they need to sign the decorative certificate.


Applicants need someone to marry them in Oregon. That can be somebody that a religious body or secular organization, a judge, a county clerk, or a judicial officer authorizes. In Oregon, the officiant can ordain the applicants both online and in person. The officiant is responsible for signing the license. Then he or she must return it to the county clerk’s office after the marriage ceremony. It will prove that marriage occurred officially.


Applicants can obtain a marriage license in any County of Oregon. They can use it only in the state.

The wedding ceremony can occur anywhere in the State of Oregon but not outside it.

Oregon marriage certificate

Finally, when you obtain the marriage license and have your wedding you are eligible to request a certified copy of marriage. It is a document that you will need while changing your name on other documents. Note that this marriage certificate in Oregon is decorative. That is to say, this commemorative marriage certificate is not an official document. It does not show your legal status.

You can pre-order the certificate during the license application. As another option, you may purchase it after the ceremony. If you order the certificate in advance it will automatically be mailed to you. That will occur when the officiant returns the license. If you purchase it later there is a request form. You will need to complete it online or in person to obtain the certificate.

You can request another certificate from the county clerk’s office in case of destroying or losing it.

Marriage types

Proxy marriages

Oregon doesn’t allow marriages in a proxy. Couples cannot marry if one or both of them are not physically present in the ceremony.

Same-sex marriages

Since 2014 same-sex marriages are legal in Oregon due to the US District Court order. By registering as domestic partners these couples can obtain a marriage license.

Common law marriages

A common law marriage is a type of marriage. It occurs when the couple lives together for a certain amount of period and announces themselves as being married without official marriage.

Common law marriages are not usually created in Oregon. However, let’s say a couple is coming from a state which recognizes this kind of marriage. Then Oregon law also acknowledges this marriage as valid. There is just one condition. The partners must meet the requirements of that state law where they come from.

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