Oregon Plumbing License

Oregon Plumbing License

Working in the sphere of construction (that involves repairing or service of real property) requires an Oregon plumbing license. Have you ever wondered how to obtain it or what services it involves? Read this article to know the latter and other very important information.

When is the license required?

As it is stated, performing any kind of plumbery duties in OR is illegal without a license. Even homeowners are not allowed to do that work in their houses. Instead, they must call for a relevant professional who is able to safely perform those duties.

But many people wonder what that type of work includes? These specialists do plumbing, heating or air conditioning, house inspections, on-site appliance renovation, installations, and electrical installations. But they also do painting, roofing, floor covering, carpentry, tree services, and other types of repair and construction duties.

Application requirements

In OR, one has to be at least 18 years old and have a school diploma or GED (General educational development) to be eligible for the qualification. However, the requirements for each type are different.

Journeyman plumbers (JP) must present the proof that they have passed:

  • apprenticeship program of four yrs.;

*Alternatively, they should bring a referral letter from a registered training committee or OPB (Oregon Plumbing Board) approved training program.

  • classroom training of a minimum of 576 hours in listed subjects;
  • 3,850 hrs commercial and 3,850 hrs residential experience as JP or apprentice.

Water-treatment installers (WTI) have to provide the following verifications to qualify for the exam:

  • Certificate of completion of 18 months of State Apprentice program (Again, alternatively, a referral letter from one of the previously mentioned two sources is necessary.)
  • 210 hours of legal experience
  • Training of 3,000 hrs in all the required subject areas

Solar heating and cooling installers (STL) have to finish the following:

  • 2,288-hour on-the-job and classroom preparation
  • 2,000-hour training and experience in listed areas

Residential water-heater installers (WHI) ought to:

  • be an entrepreneur, partner, or officer in a corporation with an LMS (Electrical Limited Specialty) and plumbery contractor license;
  • complete an eight-hour classroom program.

Note that virtual continuing education is also possible in OR.

Obtaining plumbing license

Here are the necessary steps to get started with qualifying:

  1. Fill in the application. Make sure to sign the affidavit, mention the most preferred location for the exam and write down all the work history. Use this form to indicate all your experience.
  2. Then send the docs in a single package to the division via mail or fax. Emailing documents is not accepted to protect personal info.
  3. In the next stage, the division employee will send you a letter of authorization via mail. Specifically, it details how to schedule the examination.
  4. Finally, you can register for the test.
  5. Once you take it the results will be mailed to you within 2 weeks after the test. If you have been successful in getting the acceptable score you will receive the permit via mail.


When you know that your permit expires you have to renew it 45 days before the expiration. Its expiration date is on the front part of the permit. It is good for 1 year after its issuance in OR, just like in its neighboring Idaho. But if the work has not started it expires within 180 days.

For your convenience, the official entity sends you renewal notices. You may renew it online. Just visit the official website. There you have to create an account and log in to proceed.


Here is an overview of nonrefundable fees due to pay:

  • JP – $100
  • WTI – $100
  • WHI – $100
  • STL – $100
  • PB (Plumbing Business Contractor) – $250

Contact Information

503-373-1268 – phone number
503-378-2322 – fax
503-947-2333​​ – a secure fax

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