Oregon Security License

Oregon Security License

The Oregon security license allows you to work as a bodyguard in the state. The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training is the regulatory body handling certification. Unlike Vermont, here, the rules for acquiring a permit are stricter.

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Minimum requirements

The criteria differ for each permission type you want to receive. But some essential points are the same for most of them. So to qualify for authorization, you should meet some standards such as:

  • Be at least 18 (at least 21 for armed).
  • Have a high school diploma, General Education Diploma, or a post-secondary degree recognized by the authorities.
  • Have good moral standing.

If you wish to carry a weapon, you must also:

  • Be mentally healthy with no prior history of mental illness.
  • Not be prohibited from using or buying a firearm.

Keep in mind that your character counts as well. Traits such as integrity, strong regard for the law, and just treatment of others are highly valued.

The state takes any prior misconduct very seriously. So a criminal offense, a previous conviction, or drug use will disqualify you. It can either be permanent or for a certain period.


Before getting your permission, you need to reach a certain level of preparedness. Only approved instructors are allowed to teach. There is a list of qualified teachers on the DPSST website. Unarmed officer candidates ought to complete 14 hours of classes. The core areas they focus on are:

  • Communications
  • Law
  • Decision making
  • Problem Solving

Armed candidates must complete 24 hours. They also have to take lessons on how to handle a gun and pass a shooting test.

In both cases, there is also a written examination. After finishing the courses, submit these to the regulatory body within 180 days.
The cost for this might vary depending on the coach.

Application process

Before filing the papers, you must pass a background check. The FBI and local police will investigate that. You also have to get your fingerprints made (the pay is $46.25). There are three options for this:

  • Traditional ink version
  • Electronic
  • LiveScan (no ink, saved as a digital image)

The paperwork packet is available on the authorizing institution’s website. The packet includes:

  • The paperwork – PS-1
  • Fingerprint cards
  • Proof of completed lessons – PS-6 (the original)
  • The necessary charges (all non-refundable)
  • Affidavit from your instructor
  • A code of ethics signed by the applicant

Unarmed bodyguards can work before having a permit. They can have a job with temporary documentation for 120 days before acquiring permanent permission. The board should issue the temporary papers.

The authorization costs $65. Note that there might be an increase in the fees on April 1, 2022. Look for further information on the DPSST webpage.


You have to apply for renewal every two years. For officers with firearms, the restoration is annual. You ought to resubmit some of the forms mentioned above. Do this 30 days before the expiration of your certificate.


There are no reciprocity agreements with other states.

For more

Visit the DPSST website for further details and clarifications.

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