Oregon Tattoo License

Oregon Tattoo License

The law requires an Oregon tattoo license for those who want to master this art. It is a very responsible craft because the artist deals with the client’s skin. Good preparation and mastery are the guarantees of his success. But this is not enough to be a demanded master. For that, it is necessary to follow the latest trends. Eventually, one of the abilities of a competitive master is to skillfully modify the existing image of the client’s body.

How to get a license to tattoo?

To start your own business and gain a tattoo license, you should know the laws and rules of this state.  To be a tattooist, you must be trained and hold authorization. Then, you need to meet minimum requirements. You should:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED.


You should complete the following training programs from the Oregon Health Licensing Office:

  1. Blood-borne pathogens. It must correspond with US Federal guidelines 29 CFR 1910.1030. You can achieve it through practical, online, or mixed learning courses.
  2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic first aid. These courses are available to take via practical or mixed learning. The inclusion of a practical skills assessment test for certification is obligatory. The name of an assessor/teacher and the permit number should be on the training supplier certificate cards. The approval of the provider for both cases is mandatory.

To finish education at an Oregon tattooing career school is necessary. But before that, you have to pass the set of lectures. They are:

  • 360 hours of the curriculum, where 210 hours are theoretical, and 150 hours are practical. Chair-licensed tattooist supervision is essential.
  • Demonstrate at least 50 concluded procedures.
  • Pay $50 for an application.
  • Fill out a form and pass a written exam.

Above all, $50 is required for the test and an additional $50 for the license.

There are necessary conditions that are important to take into account. Firstly, registration as a teacher is mandatory for a master who conducts courses. The Private Career Schools section of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission handles it.

Secondly, the trainer’s responsibilities include being present and actively involved in direct student monitoring and training. That is, direct oversight of the student-teacher proportion is part of the process during practice. Thirdly, educational centers must send formal transcripts straight to the HLO.


You need to present two pieces of authentic identification. Federal, state, or municipal government entities in the United States give it to you during an exam.


Some steps are needed to transfer your authorization. The board of the state where you have obtained it is responsible to send the evidence to the HLO. It must be current and in good standing, as well as equal to HLO requirements. Otherwise, you need to hold full-time working experience in three of the last five years. You can prove it through tax records. Hence, the following steps are obligatory:

  • To pass a written test. After the application, they give you two years to take it.
  • Pay fees for application and exam.

After the exam, you have to pay an additional credential fee.

If you want to see how reciprocity works in the case of a Florida tattoo license, you may check this article.


To renew your license, you should be aware of the following points:

  • Qualifications are authentic for one year.
  • You receive a renewal form via the mail about 45 days before it becomes inactive.

And then, you can confirm that you:

  • Have gained the necessary continuing education.
  • Possess CPR and bloodborne pathogens certifications.
  • Complete the first aid training.

All of these are essential to be provided by an approved supplier.

Please note that your credentials are valid for three years. After this period, it expires․ Consequently, you need to apply for it again like the first time.

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